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The McDonough-Adams-Kings Highway (MAK) Historic District is the City of Decatur’s first local historic district. The MAK Historic District includes the properties on MAK as well as the properties located on the intersecting streets north of Oakview Road and south of College Avenue (i.e., Hancock, Ansley east of Kings Highway, Dougherty and East/West Davis Street). The MAK Historic District encompasses ten city blocks.

Most of the houses in the district were built from the inception of the neighborhood in 1907, when development of our neighborhood started on Adams Street, through the end of the 1930s, when houses on Kings Highway were completed. Through the decades, some of MAK’s beautiful homes were razed and new/in-fill construction on empty lots started to change the character of the historic neighborhood. 

In 1998, MAK residents sought the city’s aid to preserve the residential and architectural character of MAK’s beautiful homes and neighborhood.

The year 2010 marked 100 years from the building of the first homes in our neighborhood. 

This site is maintained by the MAK Neighborhood Association, and your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please submit your questions or feedback on the contact form.

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